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HID lights are one of the hottest trends right now with good reason. They offer both style and premium safety. Your road coverage will improve and will dramatically increase your ability to see at night or in poor weather conditions. HID lights are becoming the standard on a lot of high end automobiles due to the unparalleled benefits they provide.

  • Increases peripheral visibility up to 70%

  • Provides up to 3x more luminated coverage

  • Enhances the look of any ride

  • Saves Power * Longer Life

  • Safety

  • Appearance



We carry the most innovative and exceptionally designed selection of underbody lights and LED interior lights. We like to push the limits with new styles, colors and options. All of our LED products are designed with the utmost quality. We offer remarkably bright and powerful, yet efficient neon light kits with dazzling single and multi-color options available.

  • Offers 100,000 Hour long service life

  • Extreme vibration resistance

  • Significant safety performance

  • Generates virtually no heat

  • 90% less power and much more

  • Rugged than traditional lighting



Halo Headlights have a LED ring that will circle the low and high beam lights for a brighter effect. Perfectly measured light rings filled with the highest end LED's illuminate the area surrounding each reflector in your headlight. Enhancing your vehicle with a look that is unique and reliable is the only way to go!! For a High Performance Look and Style!!

  • Most Advanced Halo Lighting System

  • Brightest Halo Available

  • Made of Durable Material

  • No power inverter or ballast needed

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